Judge Irvin Taplin Medley Relay

Saturday, August 6, 2022 at 7:00 pm

2022 Event Rules Update for:

Rob McGowan

Event Coordinator

The Lifeguard Taplin relay consists of four swimmers, four paddlers, and four 2-man dory teams. This annual lifeguard event is the most prestigious lifeguard event in the United States. The Taplin relay has been held every year since 1936 with the exception of 1942 thru 1945, when the event was suspended during World War II, and 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The race is held at night under the spot lights which allows lifeguards to safeguard the beaches during the day and race at night.


Teams from various lifeguard services from throughout Southern California compete in this event each year. The winning team gets the honor of holding the "Taplin Bell" perpetual trophy until the following year's race. The individual names of all sixteen team members from the winning team are engraved on the perpetual trophy to mark their place in history.


In the evening prior to the Taplin relay, spectators will be treated to rescue demonstrations, Jr. Lifeguard relays, Lifeguard Beach Flags and the Chris Linkletter Women's Surf Relay. The first event on Saturday night begins at 7:00 pm and the Judge Taplin Relay begins at approximately 9:00 pm

2021 Lifeguard Taplin Relay 118.jpg

Photo by: Joel Gitelson

2021 Lifeguard Taplin Relay Champions
L.A. County Southern - A

Bottom Row L-R:  Shane Gallas, Ryan Bullock, Jake Miller, Pat Jacobsen, Kevin Fink, Micah            Carlson
Top Row L-R:  Vince Fiamengo, Chris Maloney, Greg Crum, Mike Wurzel, Tom Swift, Kelsey              Cummings, Tom Seth, Brian Murphy, Mike O'Donnell, Jeff Lombardo

2021 Chris Linkletter Women's Surf Relay 
Third Place Team from L.A.Co. Northern

Bottom Row L-R:  Chris Linkletter, Patricia Osby

Top Row L-R:  Liz Krystofik, Brianna Erickson, Lexi Round, Holly Main, Tiana Pugliese

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Dory sand shot.png
Dory dropoff.png

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