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Paul Matthies Dory Race

Saturday, August 3, 2024

Bob Moore

Race Director

The 3-Lap Dory Race will be held at the Hermosa Beach Pier.  Competitors drop off your equipment at the beach entrance at 11th Street Hermosa.  A beach vehicle will assist a dory team member with a tow across the sand to the starting area.  The race will start on the beach on the south side of the pier.  2-man dory crews will row through the surf, around the Hermosa Pier, and back through the surf on the north side of the pier.  One crewmember will exit their dory and run across a flag line on the beach then return to their dory which is called an ‘exchange’ which completes the lap.  The crew will then repeat the same process returning to south side of the pier where another ‘exchange’ will take place for the second lap.  The third and final lap will be the same as the first lap with the finish line at predetermined designated spot on the north side of the pier.  This arduous three-lap dory race is very challenging and a real fan favorite.


The Doryman’s Relay will follow immediately after the 3-Lap Dory Race on the north side of the pier.  This event pits individual team members against each other.  The Doryman’s Relay is where each team member rows their dory out through the surf, around a buoy, and back through the surf individually, tags their partner where their partner will row the same course.  This process will occur twice.  This lighthearted fun event gives bragging rights to who really pulls the hardest oar during a dory race.


All participants in this race are responsible for providing or arranging a dory and equipment.  Both races are sanctioned by the National Doryman's Association and finish points are awarded in each.  The events will be officiated by ISF head official Bob Moore.

2017 Dory Crews

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