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Bud Stevenson Intracrew

Medley Relay

Frequently Asked Questions



Who may enter the race?


The race is open to the Los Angeles County Fire Department Lifeguards and teams are organized from the various beaches within the county.


How many contestants are in the relay?


19 lifeguards participate in the relay. 2-runners, 4-swimmers, 4-paddlers, 1-surfskier and four 2-man dory crews.


How long is the race and how long does it take?


The race is approximately 3-miles in length and takes between 45-minutes to an hour to complete.


Why is the race at night?


It is difficult for lifeguards to get time off during the day.  By having the event at night more lifeguards are able to participate.


What events take place on Intracrew night?


6-lifeguard run relay

4-lifeguard shallow water sprint relay

6-lifeguard rescue board relay

Bud Stevenson Lifeguard medley relay

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