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Celebrating the Los Angeles County Junior Lifeguard Program



L. A. County Junior Lifeguard Program


The theme of the 2024 ISF Lifeguard Medal of Valor dinner is a “Celebration of the County of Los Angeles Junior Lifeguard Program.” 

For nearly a century, every summer, the L.A. County Junior Lifeguard Program has offered as many as 3,000 boys and girls, ages 9 through 17 from across the region, education and training in ocean and beach safety, physical conditioning, basic first-aid, CPR, and environmental awareness, while developing the next generation of lifeguards and leaders.

Founded in 1927, it has evolved into one of the most prestigious Junior Lifeguard programs in the United States, serving as a beacon of safety and skill development for countless youths from all walks of life.

With sessions held at beaches throughout the county, the program is easily accessible to families who would like to participate.  

Under the guidance of experienced lifeguards and instructors, participants hone their swimming abilities and endurance to reflect the demands of professional ocean lifeguarding. 

Beyond the physical aspect, the program emphasizes teamwork, communication, and decision-making, preparing junior lifeguards to act confidently and decisively in various life situations, in and out of the ocean.

At the program’s heart lies the dedication of its instructors, embodying expertise, experience, and compassion. These instructors also work as mentors instilling values such as confidence, camaraderie, critical thinking, and a lifelong love for the ocean.

The impact of the L.A. County Junior Lifeguard Program extends far beyond the waterline. 

Many alumni have gone on to pursue careers in lifeguarding, emergency services, and public safety embodying the program's ethos of service and dedication to community. 

Others carry the lessons learned during their time as junior lifeguards into their everyday lives, promoting water safety awareness and advocating for environmental stewardship in their communities.

As the Junior Lifeguard program continues to evolve and expand, it remains committed to its core mission of empowering young individuals to become confident, capable, and responsible guardians of the ocean, while also shaping the next generation of community leaders.

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